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Filter Masks

Be Safe, Look Cool, Be Smart

COVID-19 filter face masks have been created with your safety as the No. 1 priority, giving you the very best in filter technology whilst at the same time giving you a mask that will "stand out from the crowd", with the best features and designs. These masks come in 2 sizes and are ideal for both adults and children alike, giving you 95% protection against bacteria, dust and pollen.


  •   Produced with OEKO - TEX R Certified Spun-bond TNT non woven material.

  •   Re-Usable with hand washing at 40°C with soap or suitable detergent.

  •   95% safe - reduces the risk of bacteria by filtering out bacteria, dust and other particle such as pollen from the air.

  •   Made of comfortable material that will not rub or hurt your skin.

  •   Lightweight and easy to use.

  •   Suitable for both adults and children in different sizes.  

  •   Comfortable back ear elastic for prolonged use.

  •   Vacuum packed in packs of 6 for maximum safety.

  •   Suitable for all social distancing activities including shopping, commuting on public transport, cycling, running, walking, outdoor sports, returning to school and all leisure and workplace activities.

  •   Comes in 4 colours of Black, Yellow, Green and Pink and 7 designs featuring, Music Notes, Leopard Spots, Bicycles, Bumble Bees, Ladybirds, Cartoons and a Moustache and Bow Tie.

 We can also produce masks to suit your own design needs with company logos, bespoke designs or just for fun! Please contact us to discuss your specific design needs.

Masks are not the only solution to preventing COVID 19. We also recommend the frequent washing of hands with a suitable soap or sanitizer. A mask offers 95% protection against Bacteria and other harmful elements carried in air particles.


Travel - On trains, buses cars and other modes of Public Transport where social distancing measures are in place.
Schools - Indoor or Outdoor activities where social distancing is in place.
Retail and Hospitality -  For employees where appropriate measures are in place to protect customers and staff.
Offices and Factories - Where measures have been taken to protect co workers and the workforce at large.
Sport & Leisure - Includes cycling, running, walking, indoor and outdoor sport and in a gym environment.
Fashion Accessory -  Simply match your favourite outfit with one of our coloured masks or designs.

These are not suitable for front line NHS workers. If used in PPE led environment a face shield must be worn over these masks.

In times of shortage of supply the Filter mask can be used time and time again by washing and used in rotation. Use our set of 6 Vacuum packed filter masks and rotate them using 1 each day, allowing them to be washed and dried as instructed, allowing them to dry for a minimum of 24 hours ensuring any traces of the virus which may have been present prior to washing are eradicated..